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Recent clients projects

The 3 Mix,Russ Hart,Peter Parsons ,DJ Moon (USA)Les Aristocat (Swiss),Muent Dorenzrn (Nederland)
Voodoo circus,/the Ghost orchestra,Armageddon,Vandalise (France),Evolution records (Germany),The ruby act,Arista, imaction,Camel,Crsital Anderson, Marc Delanois,Capitol,Endangered specie,Les dragers (France).Who Will Miss Mary Thin man,Adam,Beau domage (Canada),Delta sonic,Camptell trio (USA), Sue Davisliand (Canada).
Fantask records (Sweden),Evolution Records,Sony,Londonbreakz.,Groov ibiza, Candera. DJ Geremy G (Israel), Breakneck,Xorda funk.Sebastian X, Extrem X (Germay), Oscar Lo Brutto production.
Shakito (Japan),Chris Megane (Belgium), DJ Nitro (Spain)
Ian Beef,Ego Prime ,Project FM.Elias Bounja.Emily Harris.Voyager,Fresh, The Irrepressible's,Well Suited,DNA,
Ussef Wanda,Top Hat records, Cause (France)
Moritsio,Moscitos zeros,The witnesz,
Barbara Zanetti (Germany),
AngelJohn,Rush Hour,Adele,Casturos
David Burn (USA),Delta records.
Moor Records,Fast Lane Studio.
The Awakening,The Cars,Capitols.
Soko Young,Scarlette Street.
Zack Borg,Fortisimos,Lone City (USA)
Petworks,Grupo Sportivo (italy).
Carvalar (Brazil,)
Andy Salivick (Canada),
Puro Manbo (Spain),
Blonde have more fun,
Menis & Nazza,
George Mahoney,
Luke Kaden (Australia),
The Zears (Iles de la Reunion).


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