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AudiopleXus mastering studio is a very technically advanced CD mastering, remastering and CD editing studio located in the UK. The complexity and variety of equipment all mission is to help you achieve your goals whatever the budget or requirements.ows our engineer to work on a wide variety of projects in all styles both in class A analogue and digital setup .This site contains all the information you need if you want to work with Audioplexus. Our engineer has more than 20 years world wide experience - in the U.K USA and Europe and as audio consultant for record labels. Audio restoration is also available .At AudiopleXus our Our engineer has more than 20 years world wide experience - in the U.K USA and Europe and as audio consultant for record labels. Audio restoration is also available .At AudiopleXus our mission is to help you achieve your goals whatever the budget or requirements On a budget its not possible to use another high end mastering facility with some of the world top cd mastering engineers using AudiopleXus studio is an opportunity for you to achieve the same quality finish to your music as is given to some of today’s Major artists.(is why we offer you a free trial)
Ultra high audio quality and standard ,total guarantee ,great rates
professionalism,and the human touch to your art and vision.We don't believe in before and after demo as sound can be manipulated any way you want and you'll never know what YOUR mastered music will sound like with a before and after of some one else demo.
Audio Mastering CD-DVD-SACD-DSD
We take any audio file format from Mac,PC,Protocol IE WAV-AIFF.......
Clock 44.1 khz.48 khz.88.2 kHz 96 kHz CD Red book or CD 24
!/4 & 1/2 Inch tape and DAT time coded
DVD-R and DVD ram Cartridge 4.5 or 9 gig
The format we take Wav, SDII AIFF, Sadie, Pyramix, CD, DVD-R, DVD+R DVD dual layer, DVD Cartridge,Protool.The average turn over is 3 days client are very welcome to attend the mastering sessions. The most common format requested by CD pressing plants these days is Exabyte DDP ( which stands for Digital Description Protocol ) An Exabyte is simply a type of tape - they are physically similar to Hi-8 video tapes. DDP is a secure format - it is fully error-checked and offers you the best guarantee that your master will be transferred without problems at the plant. The other main master format is 1630 Umatic tape, also known as a Umat or 1630.This is some of the gear we use at AudiopleXus mastering studio for Cd mastering Audio mastering and music mastering.Avalon, Manley, Apogee, TC Electronic Master 6000, Solid State Logic,TL Audio. Dynaudio Air ,Adam, Zsystem, Lavry, Prism soundPMC ,recording studio ,mastering studio , mastering studios,audiomasterings studio,mastering, audio mastering studios london ,Mastering, Mastering studios, audio mastering, mastering engineers, CD, Vinyl, Cassette, DVD Audio, DVD Video, Liquid Audio, MP3, Internet music. We hope that this website will help you to make the right decision for your project.Sound on sound.CD mastering.Mastering studiomastering studios ..Find us on myspace


All mastering can by delivered to customer via the Internet on audioplexus FTP server on FTP client or HTML and by any other form of despatch world wide (Post,UPS,FEDEX, audiopleXus if you not 100% satisfied you don't pay.we'll send you any test needed before the final master CD, Payment can by made by cache,credit card or Paypal.

Audio mastering cd mastering recording restoration and editing cd coding dvd editing dvd coding audio mastering London and Cd mastering London UK.. Mastering Your music deserves the finest in care and experience. our engineerwill take your mixes to the next level at a price you can afford .

Audiophile quality Mastering
Using the world's most transparent A/D Converter, transfers from analog are performed from customized tube tape recorders and analog processors. Digital processing is done with greater than 24-bit accuracy. Learn more about the art and science of CD mastering by reading the dedicated section of this site. Mastering services include: Data/Digital Conversion, Multimedia Authoring & Design, A/V analysis-editing & mastering. These and other techniques give consistency and an overall cohesiveness to assure your product's success ! For the best final results when mastering, the stereo audio files of each track should be at 24-bit or higher resolution. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to record every track in your audio sequencer at 24-bit resolution, since most multitrack applications will let you mix 16-bit and 24-bit tracks at will: the important part is to make the final stereo mixdown at 24-bit, or even 32-bit if you have a suitable application like Cubase SX . You will benefit from this even when using 16-bit converters or samples on the original recordings, since as soon as multiple tracks are mixed together there will be more than 16 bits' worth of resolution anyway delivers a fat, high-impact sound, created with custom-built analog mastering gear and expertise.Recording artists and record labels worldwide rely on this competitive edge for their CD releases.  One way is to have the project professionally mastered. "Mastering" is often used to refer to simply creating a final disc, or "burning" it to a consumer CDR, but those "in the know" regard professional mastering, or post-production, as an essential part of the recording and manufacturing process. Few people are aware that virtually every major-release CD has been professionally mastered . An experienced engineer will assess your source and advise you on possible improvements or enhancements to ensure that your project is the best it can possibly be. Mastering is always recommended if your material comes from an older analogue or "vintage" source,  and / or from a variety of sources, for example a "best-of" or compilation album. If you're not sure which option is best for you, read on ! Alternatively, contact us for a personal assessment.

Digital Level
In digital production, level has traditionally been measured on a sample-by-sample basis. The highest possible level in a digital encoding is called 0 dBFS (or Full Scale Digital, FSD), and the only thing to be concerned about is not to hit that ceiling with too many samples in a row. However, a signal which needs more headroom to reproduce than a sine wave peaking at 0 dBFS can easily exist in the digital domain. We refer to such signals as "0 dBFS+", and haven’t found a single professional or consumer CD player that doesn’t significantly distort when subjected to them, and many of them even prolong the effect: They latch-up, and take a little while to get out of the distortion mode again, hence a period of time after a peak has occurred will also be distorted.
DVD-Audio compilation, Mastering and Authoring
High Resolution multichannel up to 24/96
High Resolution Stereo up to 24/96
Dedicated Stereo Mix or Downmix options
Mastering and Re-Mastering
Output to CD DAT DVD or DLT
Input from Vinyl - Cassette - CD - DAT - MiniDisc
Full range of DD encoding for DVD and CD DTS Encoding
Full range of DTS encoding
Mastering and Authoring
Multitrack Mixdown and Production
Final mix in any format required
Output to CD-R DAT DVD-R DLT MiniDisc or file format
Any format and resolution up to 24/192 Khz.
  • Pq Encoding
  • Compression
  • Multiband Compresion
  • Normalization
  • Noise Reduction
  • Editing and Mixing/cross-fading
  • Media Conversion






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